The new paradigm

At the dawn of the 20th century, quantum physics brings a new understanding of the universe that calls into question the vision mechanical and materialistic world.

E = mc2
Einstein showed that the mass of an object increases with the increase of the speed, so that energy and matter are linked in the same reality

In 1924 Louis de Broglie suggests that the photon of light could be a wave at the same time. Davisson and Germer show then that any wave is both corpuscle and entire corpuscle is both a wave.

The universe is no longer seen as a machine composed of multiple objects, but
must be described as an indivisible whole, dynamic, which the parties are essentially
relations and cannot be understood only as models of a cosmic process.
Capra, the time for change

The energy system

(1) 7 major plans (universe or energy dimensions)
(2) 7 subtle bodies
(3) 7 major chakras
(4) the nadis or energy circuits

The energy body

(1) the physical body
(2) the etheric body
(3) the astral or emotional body
(4) the mental body
(5) the causal body or spiritual body
(6) the buddhic
(7) the atmic plane or divine plan

(1) the physical body
It is the dense manifestation of other plans of consciousness.
It allows consciousness to experience and to feel.
It is the vehicle of the soul. It is the receptacle of the subtle bodies, a place
spiritual evolution, a temple.

(2) the etheric body
It animates the physical body. It is the transmitter to the physical body of the energy from the astral. It is also called the aura of health. It reproduces the shape of the physical body overflowing it a few centimetres. It has been highlighted by the Kirlian effect.
Exist in the matter before any physical form must be on the etheric plane, it is this body that allows the physical body to live.

(3) the astral or emotional body
It is also called body of desires, emotions.
It is the seat of the sensations, emotions, character traits.
It is made of attractions and repulsions causing all kinds of desires and fears.
Emotional disorders will create disorders at the level of the physical body.
Moreover, it is in the emotional body our fears and anxieties are stored and through the emotional aura, we emit vibrations that attract us to the vibrations of the same type; where the importance of clean our emotional memories to change the current of our life.
There are 2 octaves, the lower astral and the astral high in which live many beings. Music can elevate his vibration to avoid the lower planes.

(4) the mental body
Our thoughts, our ideas and our rational knowledge come from our mental body. There as the preceding 2 octaves.
Its real function in his higher octave is to capture the universal truths from the spiritual plane to integrate them in the mental rational in order to adapt them to the concrete situations of life.
These high knowledge then manifest themselves in the form of intuition, of visions and instantaneous understandings.
In its lower dimension, it materializes by the mental rational linear thoughts. The information come from the physical body and the senses but are distorted by the filter of the emotional body. The mental rational is virtually never neutral.

(5) the causal body
This body persists through many incarnations. It is the receptacle of all experiences in past lives.
It is the principle which will order any realization on the physical plane.
We are more in the emotions or ideas, but in the principle which will order any realization on the physical plane.
This plan determines what happens physically, it is linked to the concept of karma. By accessing the causal plane in consciousness we can understand the events in our life and maybe transform.

(6) the buddhic
This is the level of supra mental consciousness that governs the connections and relationships between all things,
real central computer that handles everything.

(7) divine plan or plan atmic
It is the consciousness of God, God himself, the consciousness of oneness. It is the program of the central computer.