What is a chakra?

the 7 Chakras

Chakra means “wheel” in sanskrit. These wheels or vortex (cones of energy) receive, process and distribute the subtle energy called prana, ki or chi according to the countries.
These currents of force-energy alive human being both at the levels of consciousness and the psyche of the health of the body. because everything is linked.
Each of the 7 chakras plays a fundamental role on all of our nervous system and our physiology but also on our behavior. It affect our hormonal system.
To live in harmony, all our 7 chakras must be open and in synergy.
The main of them are seven, correspond to the seven colours of the Rainbow and the seven notes of the scale.

Description of the 7 main chakras:

Red1st chakra: Muladhara or root chakra located at the level of the perineum and the coccyx is in relation to the Earth, the material element. It is in relation to the feet, legs, genitals, the vital force of the body. It depends on our instinct for survival and our ability to have the feet on Earth, to harmoniously take our equipment daily especially at the level of the money. It is stimulated by the color red and the Notes Do.
Orange2nd chakra: Swadhistana or sacral chakra situated between the umbilicus and pubis is related with the element water, orange. It manages the sexuality and especially our sex hormones. It is in connection with femininity, intuition, the report to the mother. It is the seat of our deep identity. It is stimulated by the color orange and the note Re.
Yellow3rd chakra: Manipura or solar chakra located at the solar plexus is in connection with the fire element, the digestive organs. It manages our emotions, our confidence, our ability to take our place and to radiate such a Sun. In excess it develops an ego and power over the other excessive. It manages the masculine and the report to the father. It is stimulated by the color yellow and the note Mi.
Green4th chakra: Anahata or heart chakra located in the center of the chest is in relation to the air element. It governs the heart, circulation, lungs, limbs. It supports love. This is where that will go to nest our heart sentences if our emotions are not properly digested. For one who can free himself from his emotional and vibrate fully in this dimension, it is the seat of unconditional love that makes us love life, others and the universe. It is stimulated by the color green and pink and note Fa.
Blue + 035th chakra: Vishuddha or laryngeal chakra located at the level of the throat is the chakra of the communication. It is related to the thyroid, throat, nose, ears, mouth and neck. It promotes the expression by the word, the relationship with the outside (communication of our inner life by Word and the arts), creativity by the sound, the imagination. It is also in relation to the hearing and puts us to listen to our inner guide. It allows to capture subtle plans and the trensmettre information. It is stimulated by light blue color and the note Sol.
Blue + indigo6th chakra: Ajna or frontal chakra located between the eyebrows. This is the famous third eye of knowledge. It is in connection with the eyes, the nervous system. It is the seat of consciousness and divine intuition. It puts us in connection with the form non-manifested the creation with the pure essence that we intuitively capture to make it happen in the matter. It brings the wisdom that enables control of our ideas and actions on the basis of the connection to the divine plan (the large central computer). Intuition, clear mind and fair actions are the result of the functioning of this chakra. It is stimulated by the color indigo blue and note the.
Violet7th chakra: Sahasrara or crown chakra located on the top of the head (tonsure of monks, Halo of saints). It is the seat of the completion of human, it connects us to the divine essence. This knowledge we receive goes further than with previous chakra because we do more than one with the divine, the origin of all things which we are party. This opening of the coronal chakra brings little by little this connection and this identification with the divine essence, chasing fear and bringing the fullness to the realization and enlightenment. It is stimulated by the purple, white and gold and note if.