The energy system to 12 chakras

The present era of transition and evolution takes us to refine our perceptions and go further in our analysis and our perception of the world of the chakras.

The 12 is more and more used in the energy system of the chakras. We can already find many theories and practices based on the twelve chakras. Many and different, they certainly all more or less their well founded and their truth. I would like to share here that caught my attention for working on my new album of harmonization of the 12 chakras: 'Music harmonization – the 12 steps of Evolution'

The system that I learned is that share its logic of concordance with the natural laws being the most able to adapt to a match with the musical energies.

This system is the one enunciated by Drunvalo Melchizedek in his book "The ancient secret of the flower of life" volume 2

This system to 12 chakras can mix with the old system 7 chakras under penalty of confusion. It should be used either a repository, or the other. This is already the case in Astrology for example with sidereal Astrology on the one hand and other tropical astrology. Same with quantum physics, where we can see our reality is made of particles, or vibration. Should each choose a repository and stick to them, faults of confusion. In the case of the chakras confusion could come from the location of the chakras.

Here is a summary of the system to 12 chakras:

While in the 7 chakras system each chakras corresponded to one of the 7 notes of the diatonic scale and the seven main colours of the Rainbow, in the 12 chakras system, each chakra corresponds to one of the 12 notes of the chromatic scale and a progression in the color wheel color, always according to the colors of the Rainbow in the sky but with twelve progressive shades instead of seven only.

Comparison of the two systems (notes and colors matches)

7 Chakra System

Chakra 1: note c Red  Red

Chakra 2: note re Orange Orange

Chakra 3: note e Yellow Yellow

chakra 4: f color green Green

chakra 5: note soil color sky blue Blue + 03

chakra 6: note the color indigo blue bleuviolet

chakra 7: note if purple Violet


System to 12 chakras

chakra 1: note c color Red

chakra 2: note c# color Orange + 02

chakra 3: note re color Orange

chakra 4: note re # color Orange + 03

chakra 5: note mi color  Yellow

chakra 6: f color  Green

chakra 7: f # color Green + e$ CC$ 81meraude

chakra 8: note ground color Blue + Sky

chakra 9: note sol # color Blue + 03

chakra 10: note the Blue + indigo

chakra 11: note the #. bleuviolet

chakra 12: If note color Violet

Location of chakras in the system to 12 chakras

Always referring to the book of Drunvalo Melchizedek, it to able to test scientifically, using a machine "scanner molecular emission" the location of the chakras.

extract from the book the ancient secret of the flower of life"volume 2:"the ancient Egyptians say another thing about the system at thirteen chakras. According to them, each centre or chakras perhaps localized from a topographical survey over the entire surface of the human body, since all are equal distance from the other. To be more exact, say that it is not the chakras themselves that are spaced regularly along the central prana tube, but rather their point of entry on the surface of our body. The distance that separates them is the distance between your two eyes, or between the tip of your nose and your chin…"

The first chakra is located in the perineum and the others are located in amount of approximately 7.20 cm (distance between your tip of nose and your Chin) for the location of the lowest three chakras of the head, I you Council to refer you to page 331 of Drunvalo Melchizedek's book in his book "The ancient secret of the flower of life" volume 2

It is on this new basis of 12 chakras in correspondence with the 12 notes and 12 colors I created my new album: music of harmonisation – the 12 steps of evolution. Learn more about this CD