What music to harmonize the 7 chakras?

Here are a few matches that I used for the creation of my Chakras-music CD. Beyond these practical and concrete connections, a musical creation application release taken to connect to higher dimensions and let come to itself the inspiration. But first the knowledge of these connections allows direction in the choice of notes, tones and sounds to create musical atmospheres in correspondence with different chakras.

Each music will thus come into resonance with the corresponding chakra and thus be an excellant tool to stimulate it and balance it. It will also be an excellent support for the meditations on the chakras as well as harmonization with precious stones and colors.

Correspondence of the notes, sounds and instruments for the 7 chakras

Starting from the 1st Chakra (root chakra) to go to the 7th chakra (crown chakra), we will have the following mappings:

-serious and dense sounds to sounds sharper and more light.
— music orchestrated to slower and more meditative music.
-present and concrete music to more abstract music.
-sounds of acoustic instruments to more ethereal and atmospheric sounds.
Sounds and colors vibrant on Harmonic frequencies, it is easy to match the tones with the colors of the different chakras:
1st chakra (root chakra): red and do
2nd chakra (sacral chakra): orange and D
3rd chakra (solar chakra): yellow and E
4th chakra (heart chakra): green and F
5th chakra (laryngeal chakra): blue and G
6th chakra (frontal chakra): indigo and A
7th chakra (crown chakra): violet and B
For 1st chakra, the music evokes our connection with the Earth, material. We use percussion instruments and sounds, very serious.
For the 2nd chakra, the music evokes the pleasure, sensuality, softness, femininity, moonlight. It corresponds to the water element.
Use sounds serious medium (piano, organ, sax baritone, sounds of water…)
For the 3rd chakra, the music evokes the Sun, the joy, the fullness, the radiation. It will use instruments mediums (Oboe, piano, harp, cello, Viola…) strings in general allow to work on the emotions.
For the 4th chakra, the music evokes romantic feelings: warm and round sounds (guitars, violins, cellos, birdsong…)
For the 5th chakra, the music evokes the ether, happiness peace in the vastness of a clear blue sky. It is also the communication with the subtle planes. We will use ethereal vocals, flutes, and air sounds;
For the 6th chakra, planing and smooth music evokes the infinite spaces of a starry indigo blue deep night. Use crystalline sounds, piccolos flutes, bells and air and cosmic music.
For the 7th chakra music Ethereal and planing bringing to silence we links to infinity and bathes us in the cosmic sounds subtle and soft light mixed with angelic voices. The music guides us towards the silence to melt us with divine light.

I suggest you meditate with this video that I realized with excerpts from each piece of my “chakras music” CD thus qu ‘with photos I have taken with a view to match the energy of each chakra.

Good meditation

Jean-Marc Staehle

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