7 chakras and 7 colors to be in harmony

White light energy penetrates our will decompose in seven colours that penetrate each of our energy centers of our seven chakras.

Each color energy performs a specific function in the body and is related to a chakra. Powerful vibrations from the colours have an effect of regulation on our Organization. Each chakra vibrates on the frequency of a particular colour. The vibrational energy of this color by stimulating his chakra, created an endocrine response and acts on our cells. This action is physical as well as psychic.

The correspondences between the 7 chakras and the 7 colors are as follows:

1st chakra: chakra root = RedRed

2nd chakra: sacral chakra = orangeOrange

3rd chakra: solar chakra = yellowYellow

4th chakra: = green or pink heart chakraGreen

5th chakra: laryngeal chakra = blueBlue + 03

6th chakra: indigo = frontal chakraBlue + indigo

7th chakra: crown chakra = purpleViolet

7 chakras

colors and chakras

Effect of colours on the chakras

-1 red and the chakra root chakra MuladharaRed

Red stimulates the vital energy, rooting to Earth, having the feet on Earth, report to the concrete, material, money. It stimulates the dynamism. Red warms and promotes circulation and stimulates sexuality. It gives vitality and courage.

-2 orange and Svadhisthana chakra sacral chakraOrange

The second chakra, the sacral chakra is boosted by the orange. Orange continues the stimulation of this vital force in toning the organs, glands and sexual functions. It allows the abandonment of blocked emotions. A bright orange can encourage them to be more positive, more dynamic and more courageous. It promotes a good opinion of itself and develops the pleasures of the senses.

-3 yellow and the solar chakra Manipura chakraYellow

Yellow facilitates digestion and stimulates the appetite. It is linked to emotions and fears. This color helps us to radiate the joy of living and good humor. The solar plexus is the place of concentration and redistribution of energy: it allows us to digest the vital energies of the first chakras, for better distribution.

-4 green and the Anahata chakra heart chakraGreen

Green is a soothing color that transmits: harmony, love, friendship, sympathy. This a healing and soothing color that connects us to nature and we opened to others. Green purifies and regenerates.

-5 blue and the Vishuddha chakra throat chakraBlue + 03

The blue of the celestial Vault provides quiet, peace and soothes them try. It soothes the irritation and inflammation of the throat. It can provide confidence and can better express themselves, to better communicate.

-6 indigo and the frontal chakra Ajna chakraBlue + indigo

Indigo promotes intuition, consciousness raising, and concentration. Indigo blue has a favorable action on sinusitis, eyestrain or headaches.

-7 purple and the crown chakra Sahasrara chakraViolet

Purple enlightenment cosmic consciousness. He opened the being to the spiritual dimensions. It delivers the limitations of consciousness. It brings serenity and issues of fear related to ignorance.

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